Our Courses

Private Pilot license (PPL)​

The Private Pilot License is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot. It is designed for applicants without any previous flight experience who want to obtain the PPL(A).

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

This opens the door to your career as a commercial pilot as you work your way towards your career goals. Private Pilot License is a Prerequisite.

Foreign license to local license conversion

We help you convert your license provided that the foreign license is medically valid, and originates from a country that is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Ground school for PPL, CPL and Conversion​

Night Rating

If you intend to become a professional pilot, the night rating is a mandatory step! This will  allow you to fly at night and/or in less favorable weather conditions.

Instrument Rating (IR)​

This course will enable you to continue your flight and land in more challenging weather conditions than those normally permitted when flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Multi-engine rating (MEL)

You will be able to fly twin-engine aircraft that provide the additional safety of having two engines instead of just one! If you intend to take up a professional flying career, this course is definitely for you!

CPL Guaranteed Course

We are the only institution in the region that offers the CPL- MEL guaranteed course. Course duration is 12-18 Months and 200 minimum flying hours.


Examiners fee shall be paid directly by the student to the examiner.
KCAA written exams shall be paid by the student directly to the Authority.
Medical examiners fee shall be paid by the student directly to doctors’ (AME).
Indemnity form must be signed by student upon enrollment.